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Long-term ratings assigned to TOBs are the higher of the ratings assigned by Fitch to the applicable enhancement providers supporting the bonds and the ratings assigned by Fitch to the underlying bonds deposited in the issuing trust.
Receiving the award, Tobs Golf Safaris chairman Tob Cohen said the award represents a great honour and recognition not only for his company, but even more so to Kenya's Golf Tourism Industry.
tobs value is 7.7288which is greater than tcv which is 1.65 and P-value 0.000 < [alpha] = 0.05, [beta]= -6.8155.
The commando "keys his radio and calmly states, 'Send the TOBS.'"
(269.4 [micro]g/ Res) [59] implant) Cipitria et al., BMP-7 2015 (Act (3.5mg/implant) Biomat) [60] Petite et al., BMSCs 2000 (Nat (3.25 [+ or -] Biotech) [61] 0.25 x [10.sup.7] cells/ml) BMCs (7 x [10.sup.6] [+ or -] 1 x [10.sup.6]) den Boer et BMP-7 al., 2003 (2.5mg/implant) (J Orth BMCs Res) [62] Comparisons Filardo et BMSCs al., 2014 (4 [+ or -] (J Tiss Eng 2 x A) [63] [10.sup.6]/ml) Berner et MPCs, mOB, tOB al., 2015 (35 x (J.
(Hokuetsu) the first hostile TOB case between large Japanese listed corporations the board of directors in Hokuetsu did not announce the management integration plan proposed by Oji to shareholders of Hokuetsu and decided on third-party allocation of new shares to Mitsubishi Corporation without their shareholders' consent.
Among the events produced by the system, some of which are observable as well as the date of occurrence of observable timed model (EOB, TOBS) so that M can be characterized by projection [20].
After reporting to the Phillies spring training camp in 1956, Van Dusen was farmed out to the Wilson Tobs of the Class-B Carolina League.
Short-term ratings on TOBs, if assigned, are based on ratings assigned by Fitch to their liquidity providers, with consideration given to the TOBs' long-term ratings.
The relationship between the species richness per band and the area of the band per se (after removing the effect of latitude) is also not statistically significant (partial r = -0.402, tobs associated is 1.38, c P=0.19).
In 1960, Jack McKeon, the 2003 National League Manager of the Year, was the skipper of the Tobs.
Foreign observers however point out that technically, stock swap TOBs with foreign firms were possible already, while other issues such as the treatment of minority shareholders and the Japanese government's tax treatment for such swaps were seen as impediments.