TOCAPTo Catch a Predator (TV series)
TOCAPTrainer Operation Corrective Action Program
TOCAPTerminal Oriented Control Applications Program
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Miller's trajets, where he is "unknown" and "alone," constitute the sensitive moments wherein he perceives the "process of metamorphosis [that] takes place, just as in a dream" (ToCap 198).
Hence, the commonsensical impulse "to create the human integer, the figure one, one and indivisible" (ToCap 58) is rejected by Miller in favor of a decomposed singularity, "variable as the molecule, durable as the atom" (ToCap 71).
"From the beginning it was never anything but chaos" (ToCap 9): an "eternity which has nothing to do with time or space" (ToCap 258), "the score upon which reality is written" (ToC 10).
He walks in this "stone forest the center of which is chaos"; however, the center is constantly moving, it is a "peripheral" that eludes any possibility of representation, "no page could be written which would have meaning" (ToCap 63).