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Phyllotis xanthopygus (3)--Arequipa: Caylloma, Tocra, Yanque (MUSA 5137, 5142); El Rayo, Yanque (MUSA 7226).
Lagidium viscacia (3)--Arequipa: Caylloma, Vizcachani (MUSA 8625); Tocra Pampa (MUSA 4182); Caraveli, La Cueva, Chaquicocha (MUSA 4966).
Recommendations are also made for the improvement of a representative selection of important sites (Benghazi, Cyrene, Apollonia, Ptolemais and Tocra).
Bengasi (Werner 1908b, as Eremobia cisti); Tolmetta, Merg, Tecnis, Bengasi, Tocra, Apollonia, Ghemines (Giglio-Tos 1923, as Eremobia cisti); Tobruk (Salfi 1924, as Tmethis clovelu); Fuehat (Zanon 1924, as T.
cognata); Homs, Porto Bardia, Brack, Ciado, Bin Ulid, Auenat, Tegerhi, Agelat, Agedabia, Tagiura, Sabrata (Massa 1998); Tocra, Tolmetta, Khoms, Khor Al Jifah, Al Qatrun, Al Sbitat, Ashkidah, Bani Hilal, Hammera, Mahrugah, Marhaba, Misquwin, Murzuk, Qardah, Qirah, Ququm, Samnu, Sebha, Tamzawah, Tarut, Tegnttin, Traghan, Tsawah, Um Al Aranib, Zahra, Zalwaz, Zizaw, Zuwaylah (Usmani 2008).
conica); Latrun, Ras el Hilal, Derna, Merg (Mc Kevan & Hsiung 1989); Merg, Derna, Toaa, Tobruk, AtTmimi, 20 km E Derna (Massa 1998); Tocra 7.III.2005, 1 [female], M.
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It is worth exploring Jones's thoughts further, especially with respect to the relationship of the pottery from Kommos with that found at Tocra. Boardman and Hayes observe that Cretan material does not appear in the earliest deposit (deposit 1) at Tocra, and that it is "substantially later than the rest of the Cretan Orientalizing series," which "suggests a date in the first third of the sixth century." (43) Only one piece from that deposit, no.
In particular, the use of added red combined with white, noted by Boardman and Hayes as a new feature, is indeed attested occasionally at Kommos, on types of pots where they would suspect it--imitations or versions of Corinthian or Lakonian pieces (the chalice 171 and some Corinthianizing oinochoe sherds, (46) from the area of Building V)--and so there is some reason to doubt their use of "substantially later" to describe the fit between Tocra and Crete.
The hydria 98 is also close to examples from Tocra; note the single swag below the handle on 98 (Fig.
In sum, when we examine the Corinthian and Corinthian-related material and consider that virtually none of the Tocra pieces can be assigned to the earliest level, one would expect little overlap between the two sites.