TODCOTenants and Owners Development Corporation (San Francisco, CA)
TODCOTechnical Order Distribution Control Office
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advocacy by TODCO. This tax has since provided almost $50 million for
(35.) TODCO was incorporated by TOOR in 1971 to build replacement
The Todco Ceramic Peeler, also part of the special promotion, has a strong ceramic edge that allows it to stay sharp longer without rusting.
Garlic lovers particularly appreciate the nutty taste of roasted garlic, and the Todco Roasted Garlic Express ($59.95) can roast up to three heads in just 27 minutes--half the time it takes in the oven.
A woman suffering from multiple sclerosis designed the prototypes for The Hannon Group's TODCO line of kitchen tools, launched last month at the Gourmet Housewares Show.
The TODCO kitchen tool line will initially consist of 12 tools, including tongs, spatulas, whisks, ice cream scoopers, paring knives and more.
Todco is targeting individuals with hand challenges caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and multiple sclerosis with its new line of trigger grip kitchen tools.
The company has added a stainless-steel model to its patented Todco Roasted Garlic Express program.
Under the new moniker, Harmon will assign the company's products to the brand names Todco, for the company's kitchen electrics, and Tagco, for its non-kitchen items.