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TOFTop of Form
TOFTime of Flight
TOFTable of Figures (Microsoft Word)
TOFTomsk (Russia)
TOFTetralogy of Fallot
TOFTable of Figures
TOFTop of File
TOFTimer Overflow Flag
TOFTokenized Form
TOFTime Out Factor
TOFTop of Footing (construction)
TOFTracheo-Oesophageal Fistula (UK)
TOFTrain of Four
TOFTake Off Fuel (aviation)
TOFTurnover Frequency (enzymology)
TOFTransfer of Function
TOFTrial of Forceps (pregnancy)
TOFTons of Fun
TOFTransfer of Funds
TOFThreads of Fate (video game)
TOFTop of File (computers)
TOFTales of Fandom (video game)
TOFType of Failure
TOFTool Order Form
TOFTop of Foundation (construction)
TOFTime Of File/Filing
TOFTime on Offence
TOFTest Operations Facility (US NASA)
TOFTechnical Operations Facility
TOFTop of Fuel
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TOF is often associated with many other anatomical malformations e.
The symptoms and signs will also depend on the situation of the TOF in relation to the TT cuff.
TOF monitoring was done using TOF Watch SX by acceleromyography wherein an acceleration transducer was taped to the distal interphalangeal joint of the thumb, and the study arm immobilized with a splint.
TOF measurements show that wetwood has a greater transmission time for all species and TOF variables (Table 2).
The 6220 TOF uses the Agilent MassHunter Workstation software with advanced data acquisition and qualitative and quantitative data analysis capabilities.
Our relationship with Abbott in pathogen measurement via exact mass TOF complements extensive PerkinElmer programs in environmental applications and research.
Proton TOFs longer than the set time window are not recorded by the DAQ.
The neutron TOF at 3eV for the length of 20 cm between the two [pi]/2 coils is about 10 [micro]s.
The major difference among TOF instruments is the axial or linear optical train where mass bias is minimalized vs the right angle or orthogonal optical train where there are slight resolution advantages but significant mass bias disadvantages.
2 as a function of neutron energy (top) and TOF (bottom) for an average proton current of 95 [micro]A.
To compensate, TOF mass spectrometers using either retarding fields and reflectrons or hemispherical electrostatic analyzers have been developed.