TOF-SIMSTime-Of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (manufacturing measurement/analysis tool)
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ToF-SIMS analyses were performed using a TOF.S1MS 5 (ION-TOF GmbH, Munster, Germany) equipped with [C.sub.60.sup.+] sputter source.
After the evaporation of the sample liquid (solvent), the sample was analysed with TOF-SIMS. TOF-SIMS images were obtained in the direction from the center to layer border and from different positions from the left and right site of the spot using step sizes of approximately 1mm (Figure 2).
In comparison to former investigations the present article concentrates firstly on the main advantages of TOF-SIMS technology: the detection of nearly all inorganic and organic molecules with very high detection sensitivity and up to high molecular weights.
The surface chemistry and topographical changes in cotton surface were studied using FTIR, SEM, XPS, and TOF-SIMS. The durability of cotton fabrics was evaluated following plasma treatment using the AATCC standard test methods.
TOF-SIMS studies were carried out on an ION-TOF SIMS IV (Munster, Germany) apparatus.
Glyn Fargher, CLARET's technical development manager, said: "The ToF-SIMS system is ideally suited for design and manufacturing companies who are interested in understanding how products are performing at a molecular level.
In Figure 2, we can observe the Ti depth profile obtained from ToF-SIMS measurements of the two sets of implanted samples before and after the PLM process.
The experiment was a combination of mixed flowing gas to create creep corrosion and TOF-SIMS to identify the corrosion product.
Table 1 lists some key characteristics of the ToF-SIMS experiment.(1) Both positive and negative ions can be examined with this instrument.