TOFDTime of Flight Diffraction (non-destructive testing)
TOFDTime of first data sample (seismic trace)
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TOFD President Ramazan BaE- told the Anatolia news agency that they have been working on the project for two years in order to allow the disabled to enjoy historic attractions.
In addition, unlike conventional ultrasonic techniques, TOFD uses an acceptance standard that is not dependent on the size of the return signal.
In TOFD the wavelets that emanate from flaw tips radiate 360[degrees] from the source, therefore diffracted waves can be detected from virtually any angle.
TOFD is not so effective for detecting defects near to edges, so Babcock engineers looked at using phased array ultrasonic techniques as a complementary inspection method.
Key words: defect, non-destructive testing, TOFD, phased array, welded joint, remaining life
These data can be obtained using computer-aided ultrasonic inspection techniques TOFD and Phased Array.
The Nautilus system facilitates very precise positioning and movement of the PE and TOFD transducers via a rigid, hinged, collar that is attached to the pipeline, in this case, by saturation divers.
8 illustrates the areas where the TOFD scans were taken at Site 1 to provide the through wall image shown in Fig.
TOFD surfaced in the late 1970s as a way to identify locations of anomalies.
The high reliability and resolution of the UT TOFD method is shown in Fig.
Equipment for ultrasonic testing (UT unit, ultrasound thickness, gauge blocks, basic angled probe and probe TOFD, etc.