TOFHLATest of Functional Health Literacy in Adults
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Instrumentos: Versao modificada do teste TOFHLA /Questionario sobre caracteristicas demograficas, autopercepcao de saude, tabagismo, pratica de atividade fisica e consumo de frutas e legumes/Questoes para avaliacao da acuiade visual e habilidade basica de leitura.
84) In particular, the traditional measures of health literacy--the TOFHLA and the REALM among the others--show several content and format limitations, which make them not particularly fitting with the specific challenges of HIV treatment.
TOFHLA measures the ability of an individual's reading and understanding of health information using healthrelated materials.
Fluid abilities were more strongly correlated with the TOFHLA and NVS than with the REALM (0.
The TOFHLA has been tested for both its reliability and validity in measuring health literacy.
Sensitivity analysis was performed to assess for the effect of missing TOFHLA scores, using the assumption that all participants not completing the TOFHLA had inadequate health literacy followed by using the assumption that these participants all had adequate health literacy.
The TOFHLA (Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults) and the S-TOFHLA (a shortened version) both include a series of health-related reading tasks that measure numeracy and reading comprehension.
The Newest Vital Sign was compared to the TOFHLA in a study done by Weiss et al.
A recent study comparing the psychometric properties of the English and Spanish versions of shortened TOFHLA raised a significant concern about their comparability (Agaairre, Ebrahim, and Shea 2005).
Although a short version of the TOFHLA is available, this study used the full-length Spanish version in order to collect more information about the person's level of functioning, not possible with the short version.
Forty-six percent of mothers did not understand what they read as measured by the TOFHLA.
The screening tool, which is available in English and Spanish, was validated against the TOFHLA and is available without cost to health care providers (Pfizer, 2008).