TOGCTransfer of a Going Concern (property transaction; various locations)
TOGCThe Other Game Company (educational, recreational game publisher)
TOGCTotally Ordered Group Communication
TOGCThousand Oaks Golf Club (Grand Rapids, MI)
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HMRC have traditionally taken the view that where a completed building is transferred as a TOGC, the buyer cannot obtain "person constructing" status and therefore cannot make the onward zerorated sales.
In cases where the seller retained an interest and granted a subordinate interest to the buyer such as a lease or a sub-lease, HMRC's previous policy was that this did not qualify as a TOGC and, in cases where an option to tax had been exercised by the seller, VAT was due on the transfer at the standard rate.
The book includes appendices covering: contracts of insurance; Lloyd's VAT arrangements; HMRC ABI partial exemption guidance for the insurance sector; TOGC legal extracts; guidance on the cost sharing exemption; and the VAT territory of the EU.