ToHSTower of High Sorcery (game)
ToHSThousand Oaks High School (California)
ToHSTexaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems LLC
ToHSTown of Onondaga Historical Society
ToHSThe Oaks Historical Society (Australia)
ToHSTop of Oklahoma Historical Society)
ToHSTramway & Omnibus Historical Society
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According to HaveBlue, it plans to use the TOHS storage system to store hydrogen produced by the company's propulsion and power generation system, which utilizes power sources such as solar panels, wind generators and regenerative electric drive motors to produce hydrogen from purified sea water.
Our advanced proprietary hydrogen storage technology opens the door to new applications like the innovative marine fuel technology being developed by HaveBlue's technology team," said TOHS manager of sales and marketing Mark Schiller.
TOHS will provide its storage system technology using proprietary metal hydrides to store the hydrogen produced by HaveBlue's patented technology in a safe, solid form aboard the modified Catalina 42 mk II and will also provide technical support.
TOHS noted that a Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has already been outfitted with the TOHS system, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District in California is set to fund hydrogen conversions on five additional HEVs.