TOHTTotal Orthotopic Heart Transplantation
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However, French enemy Belloq is also keen to get his hands on the golden chest for his own ends, while Nazi stooge Toht puts our heroes through Hell as they try to seize the prize.
French archaeologist Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman) and Nazi interrogator Major Toht (Ronald Lacey) foolishly open The Ark and suffer a grisly demise in Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
Early "Terminator": Steven Spielberg originally planned for sadistic Nazi henchman Toht to have a prosthetic hand that housed a flamethrower and machine gun.
Each pack includes INDY IN GERMAN DISGUISE (with rocket launcher), SAPITO (with torch and backpack), CLASSIC INDY (with pistol, Idol, sandbag, torch and logo base), MARION (with snakes and torch), GERMAN MECHANIC (with removable hat and wrench) and TOHT (with medallion, hot poker, removable overcoat and alternate "melting" head).
From the legal aspects of local regulations, raising chickens, goats, bees, and more, David Toht presents an excellent introductory reference on how to create one's own steady source of fresh food.
The film also won an award for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Graphic and Artistic Design" for its opening title design, by Adam Toht, Jacob Guttormsson and Jesse Roff.