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TOKYOThinking Of Kissing You Only
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Here are five exciting facts we learned about Tokyo, Japan this year:
As announced in the Prior Press Release, Tokyo Electron agreed with Applied Materials to implement the Business Combination and executed a business combination agreement (the Business Combination Agreement ) on September 24, 2013.
TOKYO - An international film festival will be held on Sept.
There are two reasons luxury foreign hotels are entering the Tokyo market.
This acquisition represents DEKA's third investment property in Tokyo.
Visitors to the Art Museum cross from the pavilion to the tower's lower foyer via a glazed footbridge; then ascend to the 52nd floor in a bank of dedicated lifts shared with visitors to Tokyo City View, an observation deck protected from the elements by floor-to-ceiling glass.
Having formerly worked as a reporter with Bloomberg's Tokyo bureau and The Associated Press, Prideaux's profession has offered him unique privileges.
For Naming Tokyo, dozens of acquaintances inside and outside the art world pitched in with thematic lists of suggested street names--Italian swear words, Vivienne Westwood's couture collections, New York City drag queens--which were then published on a large handout map with a blank Tokyo city grid on one side and selected rechristenings on the other.
Their wild journey through a vividly imagined back-alley, snow-covered Tokyo has its share of comic and manic moments, but Kon is mostly interested in sensitively exploring the inner lives of his characters and revealing the circumstances that put them on the street.
Nijio will buy gas from Tokyo Gas for sale to independent power producers and other large-lot customers in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tokyo Gas said.
Toguri returned to America after the war and was convicted of treason in 1949 for being "the" Tokyo Rose.