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TOLLTown of Lee Library (Lee, NH)
TOLLThousand Oaks Little League (California)
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Upon completion of the toll collection system adjustment, the two-way toll collection arrangement will be fully implemented at the Lantau Link, with two Autotoll lanes and four manual toll collection lanes operating at the Lantau Link Main Toll Plaza (airport bound).
He said out of 102 toll plazas, 71 plazas are located on National Highways while 32 are situated on Motorways, he said.
Electronic toll collection is a system enabling collection of toll payments electronically allowing for near-nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring.
Tolling technology is now being tapped for more than just toll collection.
Assemblywoman Jenny Oropeza, D-Carson, the chairwoman of the Assembly Transportation Committee, said toll roads such as the 91 Freeway in Orange County have been a failure.
But like San Diego's system, Orange County's program operates without toll booths and relies on transponders and credit cards to charge users.
The concept, called "peak period pricing," would turn all major thorough fares in a metro area into toll roads.
Puerto Rico has identified $325 million of roads it wants to develop; the company Dragados y Construcciones has already begun work on a toll bridge linking San Juan and its nearby airport.
The blue toll monitoring pillar is four meters high, located at the road side.
Toll, chairman and chief executive officer of Toll Brothers, Inc.
By transforming existing and planned car-pool lanes into a network of variable-priced toll lanes, we could guarantee drivers and buses at least one lane moving at the maximum speed limit, at all times, on most Los Angeles freeways.