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Maa oli kuiv ja kaste asemel oli paks tolm. Ent ohk polnud sugugi talumatult lambe ja rohuv, mille ule kurdeti naiteks Saksamaal.
aina 'only; always', ais 'thill', ale 'sart', aur 'steam', habe 'beard', haukuma 'to bark', kaur 'loon' , kinnas 'glove' , kints 'thigh' , kiur 'pipit' , koik 'all' , lang 'relative by marriage', laud 'table', lein 'mourning', liiv 'sand', narts 'rag', oder 'barley', pard 'beard', peig 'groom', petma 'to deceive', piim 'milk', poder 'elk', rahn 'lump, chunk', rangid 'horse collar', sammal 'moss', sober 'friend', teder 'black grouse', tolm 'dust', toores 'raw', tume 'dark', vikat 'scythe'.
The subject nouns studied included some frequent mass nouns, such as liiv 'sand', tolm 'dust' (13), lohn 'smell', the plural form inimesed 'people' (14), (15); we also studied the verb leiduma 'occur' (15), which typically occurs with a partitive subject.