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TOLTTest of Logical Thinking
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Tolt Solutions will operate as a standalone division within the Pomeroy Group, maintaining its core focus as the leading retail industry-focused IT expert providing managed services to grocery, retail, convenience, food service and distributed enterprise customers.
currently owns approximately seventy percent of the Tolt River
For example there's a completely new pace with these horses -- the tolt.
Madriani, feeling guilty, gets involved with helping Rush's widow: he also comes to know Nick's firm and its boss, Adam Tolt.
377: "nos haguem tolt a Alacrach tot co que havia e gitat de nostra terra.
Results of the TOLT instrument indicated that the difference between the two groups was not significant.
Johnston proposed a 10,240-acre reservation at the mouth of the Tolt River, but World War II erupted and the national emergency took precedence.
The company also voluntarily assembled a diverse team to study the Tolt River watershed in Washington State, where it owns some 40,000 acres and is now harvesting trees according to new rules developed by environmentalists, biologists, and others.
The Tolt Pipeline, which provides the city with 40% of its summer water, ruptured in late 1988; engineers found that the reinforcing wire in the entire line had corroded.