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TOLTTest of Logical Thinking
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Tolt Solutions will operate as a standalone division within the Pomeroy Group, maintaining its core focus as the leading retail industry-focused IT expert providing managed services to grocery, retail, convenience, food service and distributed enterprise customers.
as by water, to buy and sell without any manner of (evil tolts) (2)
regulate and provide water from the Tolt River Watershed.
A number of novel prey items were documented, including a River Otter (Lontra canadensis) that was killed and consumed by a subadult male <50 m from where he killed a neonate Deer; an adult female that consumed a pair of Black Bear cubs during a single predation event; a subadult male that killed a Canada Goose along the Tolt River; and an adult female that killed a Mallard Duck (Anas platyrynchos) in the Cedar River watershed.
For example, Pan-Oston's Utopia Cash Handling Lane provides a solution to the industry that leverages not only the Pan-Oston skill set but also many of our dedicated partners such as Clarity Consulting, Tolt Service Group and MEI.
Invasion of Buddleja davidii: Impacts on the geomorphology of a gravel bar in the Tolt River, Washington.
Among them is Tobin and Capie's (1981) Test of Logical Thinking (TOLT), which assesses the level of formal operational thought as described by Piaget (Piaget & Inhelder, 1955).
Settling into the tolt, a fast gait between a walk and a trot that is unique to the breed, they carried us over high mountain pastures, up steep tracks and across broad, shallow rivers without, it seemed, even pausing for breath.
Lower Tolt River floodplain reconnection, Phase I, $1,443,792 to Jansen Inc., 2110 Buchanan Loop, Ferndale.
The creatures have five gaits including the tolt - a type of running walk no other horse in the world is known to perform.
Apparently not at Noauz, where the ladies realize that the mysterious knight (Lancelot in disguise, recognized only by Guenevere) "les tolt a marier" (5995; [robbed them of marriage]); for this knight "que trop est prouz" (6000; [who is so/too valiant]) would never deign to choose one of them for marriage (5999).