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TOMATop of Mind Awareness
TOMATexas Osteopathic Medical Association
TOMATexas Open Meetings Act
TOMATraining Operations Management Activity (Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff - Training; TRADOC, US Army)
TOMATechnical Order Management Agency
TOMATransmitters of Money Act (Division of Financial Institutions; Department of Financial and Professional Regulation; Illinois)
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The company had entered the TOMA business as early as 2010 and now has 350 workers.
I wouldn a Go p wouldn't chat to Tomas every night or anything but I think he's like a God in Nemo as regards the players even.
All seems normal until it becomes obvious that Tomas is nowhere to be found.
A back condition caused Tomas to examine new ways of carrying a wallet.
From his farm in Toulouse, Tomas runs a whole enterprise focused on long distance riding.
Eva and David went back to Spain with their father but Jessica and Tomas refused to go.
Already a best-seller in Sweden, Airmail: The Letters of Robert Bly and Tomas Transtromer is now available in the United States.
Then eight, Tomas was holidaying with his parents and two brothers in the Khao Lak region of Thailand over 2004's Christmas period when they were swept apart by the disaster.
Prosecutor Karl Scholz said Jones had gone back to the pub and having found Mr Tomas began throwing punches and hitting him with a shoe before picking up an iron stool and pushing it towards his face.
In all, Tomas has over 5,000 shirts for sale, including one worn by former Italian superstar Roberto Baggio in the 1994 World Cup.
FLEISCHMANN, Tomas Lolli's Apple AKA Pub, 2010 133pp $19.
Summary: Newly born Hurricane Tomas barrelled through a cluster of eastern Caribbean islands on Saturday, after passing over Barbados.