TOMALTest Of Memory And Learning
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'The market has been growing at more than 100 per cent every year and has enormous opportunity to grow further," said Tomal. Leaders of local ventures said the government needs to clear its stand whether only two or three foreign players will dominate the market and ultimately grab all the businesses within two years or there will be at least some local ventures alongside the foreign entities.
Tomal, "Religion and female educational attainment," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol.
(6,15,16) Tomal analyzed county-level rates of abortions and births among minors and older teenagers in 11 states in 1995, and found that parental notification laws had a stronger negative association with minors' abortion rate than did parental consent laws.
Tomal (educational leadership and research, Concordia U.-Chicago) offers a guide to research methods that can be used by educators and administrators at any level to increase student learning and self-esteem, and the quality of school life in the classroom.
Ron Tomal, Brogan Fuels operations director, paid tribute to Andrew.
Dancer, choreographer, and a founding director of New Jersey Ballet, George Tomal died in February.
Dewey's Progressivist ideas of the 1930s suggested that teachers should be reflective about what is happening in their classrooms (Tomal, 2003).
Airman First Class (A1C) Tomal Thompkins was involved in an off-base fight with other military members during which a bystander was shot.