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TOMATOThe Old Man At the Organ
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George suggested meat and fruit pies, cold meat, tomatoes, fruit, and green stuff.
When George is hanged, Harris will be the worst packer in this world; and I looked at the piles of plates and cups, and kettles, and bottles and jars, and pies, and stoves, and cakes, and tomatoes, &c., and felt that the thing would soon become exciting.
Picking up the tomato can, he arose, went down the short path to the river, and returned with the can filled with not-nice river water.
Plantin' tomatoes wrapped up in wrappin' paper--ever heard of that?
Summer squashes almost in their golden blossom; cucumbers, now evincing a tendency to spread away from the main stock, and ramble far and wide; two or three rows of string-beans and as many more that were about to festoon themselves on poles; tomatoes, occupying a site so sheltered and sunny that the plants were already gigantic, and promised an early and abundant harvest.
He held a hoe in his hand, and, while Phoebe was gone in quest of the crumbs, had begun to busy himself with drawing up fresh earth about the roots of the tomatoes.
A Boston newspaper reporter went and took a look at the Slave Ship floundering about in that fierce conflagration of reds and yellows, and said it reminded him of a tortoise-shell cat having a fit in a platter of tomatoes. In my then uneducated state, that went home to my non-cultivation, and I thought here is a man with an unobstructed eye.
Carrots and peas, asparagus on toast, the perennial tomatoes and corn and succotash, lima beans, cabbage--and then--
I remember that more than once a can of tomatoes and some crackers constituted a meal.
Caption: Figure 11: Creep diagram of high pressure homogenized tomato fiber suspension (2.5%, w/w) and tomato ketchup (30[degrees] Brix).
The official price of onion was fixed at Rs 52 per kg while official price of tomato was fixed at Rs 92 per kg in Shadman Sunday bazaar.Over the past few days, the price of onion and tomato had reached Rs 120-130 per kg and over Rs 200 respectively in the past few days.
Today I am making a simple yet zingy cocktailon-the-vine tomato salad, drizzled with an easy to make vinaigrette.