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TOMISTask Order Management and Information System
TOMISTennessee Offender Management Information System (Tennessee Department of Correction)
TOMISTomahawk Information System (US Navy)
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The form of ecclesiastical organization in Scythia Minor was the episcopate, with its center in Tomis. The first bishop, who no doubt led this episcopate, was Saint Bretanion, who had to face Emperor Valens at Tomis between 368-369 AD, due to his belonging to homeism.
In 458 AD, Teotim III was on the throne of Tomis, and kept an intense correspondence with Emperor Leon.
(26) Ovid's hopes and requests that he be "exiled" to a better place than Tomis are particularly telling, since in speaking of exile rather than relegation he may technically be asking for a more serious punishment.
Ovid's treatment of Rome is filled with his nostalgia and longing, perhaps for a way of life rather than a physical location, and it is frequently represented as the antithesis of Tomis. His attachment to Rome is not that of the native, whilst Sulmo does not feature greatly in the exile poetry.
TOMIS allows for seamless, real-time communication regarding patient care, referral activity, clinical protocols, cost allocations, customer/payer satisfaction, payer agreements and outcomes, all through a single point of entry.
Why have we devoted time and effort to TOMIS? A two-word answer: managed care.
Exile at Tomis, a half-Greek, half-barbarian port on the extreme confines of the Roman Empire, was a cruel punishment for a man of Ovid's temperament and habits.
TOMIS stands as an example of how knowledge combined with some form of reasoning -- the basis of AI techniques-can be incorporated into information systems to solve complex business problems.
Research methods: documenting; video analysis; statistical-mathematical; graphical Subjects: The subjects of this study are the female volleyball players of [section]tiinta Bacau, Penicilina Iasi and the CS Volei 2004 Tomis Constanta, teams that participate during the 2009/-2010 season in the National Women's Volleyball League.
The match between teams Bacau Science and CS Tomis Constanta Volleyball 2004, the share of relationships in the game of attack is clearly in favor of Constanta team (39 to 71), and efficiency is 0.761 to 0.731 for the same team.
WITH a suspended prison sentence hanging over his head, Tomis Mankos probably doesn't think himself very lucky when he considers his lot today.
A man was burned to death after the car he was driving caught fire along Jalan Ranau-Tamparuli at Kampung Tiong Tomis near here today, according to the Sabah Fire and Rescue Department.