TOMMTest of Memory Malingering
TOMMTheory of Mind Module
TOMMTourism Optimisation Management Model (Australia)
TOMMTrans Orient Modern Machinery (Saudi Arabia)
TOMMTactical Ops Map Manager (software)
TOMMTime Oriented Metropolitan Model (land use planning)
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PVTs, the TOMM does not have any internal validity checks to distinguish
However, it is possible to score so low on the TOMM, and many other
correlate substantially with other PVTs such as the TOMM.
Time it adds to an assessment Impact on time required for assessment, especially the WMT and TOMM.
Second, an investigation completed within our department at the University of Central Missouri (Turpin, 2014) provided extra course credit to 30 undergraduates for completing a battery of tests which included the TOMM and the external and embedded validity indicators from the Advanced Clinical Solutions for WAIS-IV and WMS-IV (ASC; Holdnack & Drozdick, 2009).
TOMM (19)--a 50-item recognition test designed to discriminate between true memory-impaired patients and malingerers--is the most studied and valid of such tests.
Although not as well validated, the Portland Digit Recognition Test (PDRT) (20) is an alternative to the TOMM.
P's SIRS and TOMM scores indicate malingering, and the psychiatrist did not support his NGRI defense.
Esse aumento do coeficiente de variacao foi decorrente da forma de determinacao do ponto de maturacao fisiologica, o qual foi obtido visualmente atraves da coloracao escura das siliquas, conforme preconizam TOMM et al.
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