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TOMMYTotally Obnoxious Moronic Meddling Youngster (Kids Next Door show)
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Tod moved OUT; because sometimes Tommy Brock moved IN; (without asking leave).
Now Tommy Brock did occasionally eat rabbit-pie; but it was only very little young ones occasionally, when other food was really scarce.
Cluppins, by an attempt on the part of Tommy to recount how he had been cross-examined regarding the cupboard then in action (which was fortunately nipped in the bud by his imbibing half a glass of the old crusted
as the ladies one and all remarked), what could have been easier than for Tommy to have drank out of anybody's cup--or everybody's, if that was all--when the waiter wasn't looking, which would have saved one head of tea, and the tea just as good!
Never mind, Tommy," I said, placing a soothing hand on his shoulder.
it's been the spoiling of you, Tommy, your taking to that branch,' rejoined his companion.
Poyser went out to see after Marty and Tommy and bring them in to supper.
With a vague alarmed sense that she must somehow comport herself differently, she hastened her step a little towards the far deal table, where she might set down her cans--caught her foot in her apron, which had become untied, and fell with a crash and a splash into a pool of beer; whereupon a tittering explosion from Marty and Tommy, and a serious "Ello
I am the secretary, and Tommy Trafford is treasurer.
Do the honours, Tommy, do the honours,' said the other gentleman, tapping him reproachfully on the crown of the hat with his stick.
Except when old bricks and mortar takes it into his head to do it himself, you should add, Tommy,' remarked Mr Lenville.
Tell you what, Tommy," East would say; "you'll spoil young Hopeful with too much coddling.