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TOMMYTotally Obnoxious Moronic Meddling Youngster (Kids Next Door show)
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Bouncer laughed; and pressed Tommy Brock to come inside, to taste a slice of seed-cake and "a glass of my daughter Flopsy's cowslip wine." Tommy Brock squeezed himself into the rabbit hole with alacrity.
The moment he had gone, Tommy Brock got up in a hurry; he rolled Mr.
Bardell; 'I'm sure you ought to feel very much honoured at you and Tommy being the only gentlemen to escort so many ladies all the way to the Spaniards, at Hampstead.
'Oo was there to send me to school, or put tommy in my 'ungry belly, or wipe my bloody nose for me, w'en I was a kiddy?
While the captain was taking all opportunities to press these and such like arguments, to remove the little foundling from Mr Allworthy's, of whose fondness for him he began to be jealous, Mrs Deborah had made a discovery, which, in its event, threatened at least to prove more fatal to poor Tommy than all the reasonings of the captain.
it's been the spoiling of you, Tommy, your taking to that branch,' rejoined his companion.
She put her cub in Tommy's elegant cradle and said:
'How precious dull you are, Tommy!' said the Dodger, stopping short when there had been a long silence; and addressing Mr.
But whativer did you let her run away from you along wi' Tommy for, and stuff herself wi' fruit as she can't eat a bit o' good victual?"
Gertrude, I wish you would speak to Tommy Trafford.
--"Here, Tommy, catch hold of him t'other side before he can holla."
'Do the honours, Tommy, do the honours,' said the other gentleman, tapping him reproachfully on the crown of the hat with his stick.