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TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (ADEOS/NASDA)
TOMSTransactions On Mathematical Software
TOMSThree Oaks Middle School (Dyersburg, TN)
TOMSTrade Order Management System
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping System
TOMSTeam Oriented Medical Simulation
TOMSTask Order Management System
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Experiment Spectrometer (meteorology; Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility; US Department of Energy)
TOMSTactical Oceanographic Monitoring System
TOMSTechnical Order Management System (USAF)
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrolab
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Tom sometimes had an unpleasant knack of swearing)-- "damn my straps and whiskers," says Tom, "if this ain't pleasant, blow me
You'll very likely ask me why, as Tom Smart had been pretty well blown already, he expressed this wish to be submitted to the same process again.
Maggie's heart sank a little, because Tom always said it was "no good" playing with
Don't be a spitfire, else I won't tell you," said Tom, thrusting his hand back into his pocket and looking determined.
He don't seem to care about his dress,' thought Tom, 'and yet how capitally he does it.
Tom said this with one eye shut up again, and looking over his glass knowingly, at his entertainer.
In babyhood Tom cuffed and banged and scratched Chambers unrebuked, and Chambers early learned that between meekly bearing it and resenting it, the advantage all lay with the former policy.
Chambers was strong beyond his years, and a good fighter; strong because he was coarsely fed and hard worked about the house, and a good fighter because Tom furnished him plenty of practice-- on white boys whom he hated and was afraid of.
He feared much, too, lest Master Tom should fall back again into the hands of Charity and the women.
Nobody seemed to care much for plain, pug-nosed little Maudie; her father was busy, her mother nervous and sick, Fanny absorbed in her own affairs, and Tom regarded her as most young men do their younger sisters, as a person born for his amusement and convenience, nothing more.
There was no way of finding out, however, until Tom had a chance to talk to Ned, and at present the young scientist was eagerly listening to what came over the wire.
Tom's bosom friend sat next him, suffering just as Tom had been, and now he was deeply and grate- fully interested in this entertainment in an instant.