TOMVTomato Mosaic Virus
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Estos incluyen tomates resistentes al virus del mosaico de tomate (ToMV) y al virus del mosaico del pepino (CMV), pepino resistente a CMV, calabaza resistente a virus del mosaico amarillo del zuchini (ZYMV) y al virus del mosaico de la sandia (WMV2), etc.
The 23-year-old national street soccer ambassador from the Netherlands, better known as TomV, is set to showcase a series of tricks with his good friend and champion juggler Christiaan Van Derweide, 21, on Friday at Tekkers Academy-Bahrain HQ, located at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) sporting facility.
TomV had captivated youngsters last year during a two-day academy workshop.