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The even tone has two variations differing from each other only in pitch; the oblique tone has three variations, known as "Rising, Sinking, and Entering.
The bell has a tone that is wondrous sweet; let us stroll thither, and examine the matter nearer.
Henrietta heard this remark; she smiled, and without turning her head towards him, but giving only to the tone of her voice that inflection of gentle reproach, and languid impertinence, which women and princesses so well know how to assume, she murmured, "I have already hinted, my lord, that you must have taken leave of your senses.
Captain Blunt with smiling formality introduced me by name, adding with a certain relaxation of the formal tone the comment: "The Monsieur George
he asked in a tone that ought to have made my blood run cold.
His deep voice dropped suddenly to a low and quiet tone as he spoke the parting words.
These words, uttered in a tone of surprise and reproach, drew upon this unknown personage the attention of the archdeacon which, to tell the truth, had not been diverted from him a single moment since the stranger had set foot across the threshold of his cell.
God knows whether they are fully reconciled," thought Anna, hearing her tone, cold and composed.
She was quite frightened this time, and said in an anxious tone, as she picked him up, 'I hope no bones are broken?
said aunt Glegg, in her loudest, severest tone of reproof.
Both tone and shadow struck Amy, for she had seen and heard them before, and now she looked up in time to catch a new expression on Laurie's face--a hard bitter look, full of pain, dissatisfaction, and regret.
The easy tone in which he put the question--a tone, as it were, of proprietorship in "Grace"--jarred on Lady Janet at the moment.