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Knowing how to use Tonfa allows officers of rapid reaction teams the only ones equipped with this tool - to make arrests more efficiently, ensuring maximum safety of the arrested person, and neutralize the danger for the police officer, his or her colleagues and other people.
Both types of guns were buffered, and aside from the firearms, they also carried blunt weapons, such as short baseball bats, telescopic tonfas, and brass knuckles.
The PR-24 police baton used by most American police departments is, in fact, based on the Tonfa, an ancient Okinawan farming tool that peasants adapted for use as a defense against sword attacks.
The contractor will provide services, which is mentioned in: - Section 1, subsection 1 and 2 (not applicable to employees monitoring station alarm signals) in the cast consisting of its own employees on the basis of an employment contract, a single uniform, equipped with communications (radios and cell phones), and coercive measures in the form of at least: Tonfa truncheons, gas paralyzing gel, of which at least one a change in the course of working days has an entry on the list of eligible employees of physical protection; - Point 1 3 cast consisting of employees with entry on the list of qualified employees physical protection in a single uniform, equipped with means of communication
SNCF Group is seeking candidates able to provide and distribute the following equipment for the Surete Railway (SUGE) or Railway Police Group - Shoes suitable safety- Gloves- Protective clothing- Workout clothes- Defence Equipment- Accessories (belt, holster, handcuffs, gloves doors / spray / baton / tonfa / handcuffs .
at Other Stations in Braila City and Airport Perimeter Jankafalva, Security Agencies Will Be Provided with Tonfa Attack or Defense.