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He added that theEgyptian exports included construction materials and housewires items, while the Sudanese exports to egypt which have reached 10 thousdands tonns included food materials , leather and perfumes, he pointed out that more than 2 thousands passengers have reached Egypt during the same period.
November 13, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) -- Ethiopia's ministry of mines and energy this week announced that it has discovered more than 40 tonns of gold deposit in two sites in the western parts of the country.
According to the statistics issued by the daily shipping activity in the port a shipment of wheat bran carrying one thousand tons was exported to Egypt while a fish shipment of 300 tons to Tunisia, Malaysia, France, Hong Kong and 20 tons of perfumes, liquid milk, was exported to Dubai, United Arab Emirates Arab and 10 tons of perfumes to Qatar and a shipment of 7 tonns soft drinks to exported to London.
The 'Whale Shark' that is a rare species with a length of about 40 feet and 16 tonns weight appeals most to the visitors.