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(3) modified the Tonn's formula to estimate the sum of mandibularincisors widths from the sum of maxillaryincisors widths and called it Abhi's formula: Sum of mandibular incisors= (Sum of maxillary incisors-0.5)*0.75.
Younger and Tonn won that match 6-0, 6-1 and thus gave Marion the team title for the first time in 12 years of trying.
Accordingly in the first stage, the xystem of trigrams is initially "aroused by Chen Thunder," then "incited by Sun-Wind, and further flared up by the Li-Fire." In the second stage, it is to be "nourished by Kun-Earth, pleased by Tui-Marsh, and to be followed by a spurt to grow into a state of strength and healthiness through the force of Chien-Tien." The last stage is then "derived when, after being on the verge of dangerous cliffs of Kan-Water, one finally manages to climb up to the state of standing-still and safety of Ken-Mountain" (Tonn 2006).
Cruz has been named a business development manager for the Northeast Florida region; James Okulanis and Lynn Okulanis have been named business development managers for the Coral Springs, Florida, region; Steve Thompson has been named a business development manager for the Jacksonville, Florida, region; and Paul Tonn has been named a business development manager for the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, region of Pasadena, California-based Indymac Bank FSB's Wholesale Lending Division.
Now, one of the images that resulted from the collaboration has been selected by Tonn Modeling Agency in Boston to be featured in the Gallery at Sister Sorel Fashion Photography exhibit during Boston Fashion Week.
Ton Ananda Everingham Jane Natthaweeranuch Thongmee Natre Achita Sikamana Tonn Unnop Chanpaibool Tonn's wife Chachchaya Chalernphol Combination of bad karma and bad-boy behavior develops into a gripping supernatural thriller in "The Shutter," a taut, inventive ghost story from Thailand that shows the local industry at its best.
Michigan City's Tonn & Blank Construction has managed to avoid recent economic swings by going after any job that comes along--regardless of its size.
This paper applies the work of Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, Bonnie Dow, and Man Tonn on feminine voice to the rhetoric of Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State.
As different levels in the environmental hierarchy are transcended, variation in dispersal and invasion can affect population sizes, demography, and coadaptation, as well as food webs and assemblage structures (Tonn et al.
But moviegoers do spend on popcorn and snacks, notes Bruce Tonn, Delta's system manager/cargo marketing.