TONTTonto National Monument (US National Park Service)
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Although there was a rhetoric of regionalisation, the vast size and small population of Australia often led to reduced services in rural and remote areas (see Tonts 2000).
Bohle (2006), Gray and Lawrence (2001a) and Tonts (2000) argue that globalisation accelerates economic, political and social development influencing reorganisation at national, regional and local levels.
Tonts (2000), Australian Government (2008b), Alston (2004) and Pritchard and McManus (2000) argue that neoliberalism has heralded a significant reduction in compensation for inherent inequities, leading to social demise and deterioration of rural communities.
To address the socioeconomic problems government rural policy promoted local responsibility, competitiveness, self-reliance and local entrepreneurship (Cheshire & Lawrence, 2005: 437; Tonts & Haslam-McKenzie, 2005: 197-198).
We agree that there are a number of factors that influence the decision to move and resettle families, including that fly-in fly-out arrangements place pressure on relationships (Burnie Advocate 2012), and there are infrastructure deficiencies such as housing availability in Western Australia (Huddleston, Huddleston and Tonts 2011).
The agriculture forestry and fishing sector accounted for 11 per cent of businesses in Australia as a whole in 2006 (Wheat Belt Department Commission 2006; Tonts and Haslan-McKenzie 2008).
It is however, large-scale plantations that seem to generate the most resistance (Sinclair Knight Merz, 1999; Capill, 2000; Tonts et al.
As discussed by Tonts (2010) mining activity is often characterised by volatility, being dependent on the variability of global commodity prices, availability of the resource base, mining technologies, and labour supply amongst other factors.
Tonts (2006) Seeking Serenity: Homes Away From Home in Western Australia.