TONTTonto National Monument (US National Park Service)
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"Der Himmel tont", dice el verso de Holderlin que Alejandro cita en su comentario del cielo, y que no se traduciria como: "El cielo resuena", sino asi: "El cielo suena".
The annual four-round tournament had featured a number of golf legends over the years including Eldrick Tont 'Tiger' Woods.
Of course the top spot goes to Eldrick Tont Woods, better known as Tiger Woods, for the November 30th debacle during which he lost control of his SUV outside his Windermere, Fla.
COULMAN Thornton Suddenly at home on December 4, Tont aged 55 years.
Und du sagst: Die Spur ist verwachsen, die Rede tont nicht mehr um den Abend, gemordet ist Wronka.
Early Life: Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods was born in 1975 in California to African-American father Earl and Thai mother Kultida.
Given that Tiger was born Eldrick Tont, it's hardly a shock that he wanted to get himself a good nickname.
Variation in daytime DSL depths is probably a function of light penetration (which is regulated by biological production) and absorption of light by chlorophyll and phaeopigments (Tont, 1976).
From left, Phil Richmond, Tont Nutt, Keith Burdett, Mark Stewart, Martyn Brunt, Joe Reynolds and Bill Livingstone prepare at Bosworth Water.; SUCCESS...
(68.) "Mitten in die schillernde Verkettung ihrer Liebesthemen, diese mit einem Schlage zum Schweigen bringend, tont ein gellender D-moll-Akkord und der Befehl des Tetrarchen: 'Man tote diese Weib!'--Im nachsten Augenblicke ist Salome unter den sie zermalmenden Schildern der erbitterten Soldaten eine Leiche" (Chop, Salome, 95).
Tont Williams, a Houghton foster carer who cares for a Newcastle boy received a Believe in Me award.