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TOOSThe Origin Of Species (book by Charles Darwin)
TOOSTrade Outcomes and Objectives Statement (annual national trade report; Australia)
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Autoneum's innovation leadership and the manufacturing expertise of Ayegh Khodro Toos complement each other, ensuring the market-oriented launch of the Autoneum product portfolio in Iran.
The next thing I knew two Welsh intrymen picked up Toos and her mum rushed them away.
So far, all the Passport devices that we have seen were black, though company CEO John Chen did mention during the launch of the device that a white colour option will be there, too.
As a growing body of research suggests, it is never too late to start getting fitter and enjoying the benefits of being more active.
And I feel that Papiss Cisse may get the nod too after sitting out against Liverpool.
toos "For us, the weekend is really important," James said.
HIDDEN TAT TOOS Tattoo Secret is a clever cosmetic camouflage kit for occasions when a visible tattoo simply won't do, such as weddings, interviews, parties and even the beach.
Roy Hamilton and Toos van Dijk deal with textiles of eastern Indonesia.
after the rally, which toos k place between 10-11am, many of the protesters travelled to birmingham for a regional pros 1test event.
aasta juuni seisuga, ent register on toos, mistottu voib lugude arv muutuda.
Kayhan daily quoted managing director Ahmad Qalebani of the National Iranian Oil Company as saying the discovery took place in the existing field of Toos.