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TOOTTrains on Our Tracks (Australia; est. 2003)
TOOTThink on Opponents Time (real-time programming of games)
TOOTTransfer of Offenders Treaty (Canada)
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In selecting Toot Suite as the music for his debut project, Wagner had to overcome some initial doubts: "Despite being recognizable and enjoyable for the listener, the piece is so difficult for the trumpeter that it is rarely performed or recorded in its entirety.
A Toot bot will ask a few questions in order to figure out which tutor to assign.
Of his winners, Simmonds said: "Toot Hill Wizard has been a great dog for the pub syndicate who own him - the Green Man at Toot Hill in Essex - and there's actually quite a crossover between his owners and the Sneezys boys.
Clearly, TAPS and TOOTS are pseudo-plurals because the -s is pronounced as [s], as it is in true plurals after P or T (e.
Earlier, the rebels had claimed kidnapping 35 local policemen in Toot and Mughul Abad areas.
Starship Children's Hospital's child abuse screening toot was the template we used as the basis for this work.
Summary: The Social and Cultural Development Association (INMA) and GIS Transport officially launched on Tuesday the "Toot, Toot Project," which is the "first car navigation system in Lebanon.
This is yet another book in a series featuring piggy friends Toot and Puddle.
You've either mistaken it for Cajun music (zydeco's cousin) or you may remember the Grammy-winning Don't Mess With My Toot Toot by Rockin Sydney.
Toot has explicated Marsans's career and baseball activities in America as much as second-hand research can allow, with newspaper accounts, notes from biological files in Cooperstown, and related material from various books.
The global marketplace today is more competitive than at any time in history--and abounding in opportunity," wrote W R Timken Jr, chairman, and Joseph F Toot Jr, president, in the company's 1991 annual report.