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TOPCATTool for Operations on Catalogues and Tables (software; astronomical data; UK)
TOPCATTexas Online Preparation for College Admissions Tests
TOPCATTotal Program Cost Analysis Tool
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The new analysis, focused on those patients from the Americas, shows that the primary efficacy outcome from the TOPCAT trial was a statistically significant 18% lower in women than in men, David Kao, MD, reported at a meeting of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC.
Researchers use programs such as IRAF, TopCat, LabView, and a multitude of others to determine metallicity and radial velocity dispersion.
Assmann et al., "Regional variation in patients and outcomes in the treatment of preserved cardiac function heart failure with an aldosterone antagonist (TOPCAT) trial," Circulation, vol.
The results were resoundingly negative and also considerably out of whack with the characteristic arc of progressive heart failure--among the nearly one-half of TOPCAT participants in Russia and the Republic of Georgia.
"Congratulations to Avent and Topcat Research on their recent investments, which will go towards growing the sector further."
The Somali government signed multi-million dollar deals with French military firm Secopex in 2008 and US firm Topcat Marine Security Inc in 2005 to combat piracy off its coast, but the two firms never showed up.
Opener CIAM15, with MC Topcat taking on Bush and Blair, packs a percussive punch and upcoming single Kwangchow is jaunty pop incarnate.
Topcat 705 returned from the first round of touch-and-go landings, and another aircrew was ready for a crew swap.
In the first Blue Murder, DCI Lewis is back with her team of detectives, led by sidekick DI Richard Mayne - played by former Casualty and Down to Earth star Ian Kelsey - as they investigate the body of Topcat Club lap dancer Marta found in a river and a hit and run accident.
TopCAT begins by analyzing the schematic of a PCB to identify the non-boundary scan devices connected to boundary scan devices, then matches the names of non-boundary scan devices in the design's netlist with device models archived on the company's website or stored in a model library within the user organization.
terrestris were trapped with unbaited tong traps (Hauptner Instrumente GmbH, Dietlikon, Switzerland) and Topcat traps (TOPCAT GmbH, Wintersingen, Switzerland).