TOPDTohono O'odham Police Department
TOPDTechnology Outreach and Promotion Division (Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development)
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The physiological evidence for static gas trapping in TOPD was lower IC (21.5% lower), higher FRC and higher ERV compared with subjects with COPD without this history, while no differences in TLC, RV and RV/TLC were observed.
Together, these findings suggest a combination of pathologies in TOPD. First is emphysema with gas trapping only evident on expiratory HRCT scans.
A second significant finding was the reduction in D[Lsub.CO] in subjects with TOPD. Although commonly reduced in COPD and correlated with the presence of emphysema, in our study of patients with TOPD, the D[L.sub.CO] was 17.7% lower than in the control group with COPD, although emphysema scores in these individuals were not significantly higher.
Several months later, all the re-filed charges against Bressi were dismissed with prejudice, due to the TOPD's inability to "deliver the citation to the Court" before that scheduled court date as well.