TOPEXTopography Experiment
TOPEXOcean Topography Experiment
TOPEXTyphoon Operational Experiment
TOPEXTopographical Explorer
TOPEXThe Ocean Topography Experiment POSEIDON
TOPEXTopology Ocean Experiment
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The ERS-2 and TOPEX satellites showed significant scatter in comparison with the Almagrundet echosounder measurements.
While TOPEX tends to overestimate the SWH by about 0.
The bias between ERS-2 and JASON-1, GEOSAT and JASON-1, TOPEX and JASON-1, and ERS-1 and TOPEX significant wave height data is of the order of 10%.
Model function for wind speed retrieval from SARAL-AltiKa radar altimeter backscatter: case studies with TOPEX and JASON Data.
Thus, for the TOPEX side-B single calibration, the range bias was estimated in +6.
Results of the TOPEX side-B altimeter computed in both, 1999 and 2000 experiments, are in agreement with the official values given at (Bonnefond et al.
Calibration of the TOPEX altimeter using a GPS buoy.
Absolute TOPEX altimeter calibration in the NW Mediterranean Sea and calibration site selection for Jason-1, Tenth General Assembly of the WEGENER project, San Fernando, Spain.
Unlike SEASAT and GEOS-3, which provided an averaged "snapshot' of the sea surface, TOPEX is designed to map the ocean shape as a function of time.