TOPFTest of Premorbid Functioning (cognitive ability)
TOPFTruth of Permanent Fear (gaming)
TOPFTreaty of Peace and Friendship
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We are aware of only one other study that has looked at the applicability of the TOPF in NZ (Lichtwark, 2011; unpublished master's thesis); the results of which support the general trend that word reading tests are not accurate PF measures in NZ.
An example of a comical narrative metalepsis can be found in Woody Allen's film The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), in which a fictitious character leaves his movie--and so, the screen--to run away with a spectator and discover her "reality." In Der goldene Topf (1814), Hoffmann created an uncanny effect by making the tale's narrator enter the story and interact with the characters.
Worsening or unstable client symptoms from non-compliance of medication regimes, development of pressure injuries and the decision not to access medical support early could all lead to hospital admission if the client becomes distressed or the caregiver feels that they are not able to provide adequate care (Topf et al 2013).
(46.) Groschl M, Topf HG, Kratzsch J, Dotsch J, Rascher W, Rauh M.
Das betrifft zunachst nur die Aufnahme der Gefassreste nach einem heuristischen Formenschema (Topf, Schussel, Schale, Typ I, II usw.).
Hoffmann's Dergoldne Topf which De Quincey probably knew (see Works 6:18).
Um estudo realizado por Topf (1996) citado por Souza (2010) observou que a media durante as 24 horas excede os 45 dB, tendo picos de ate mais de 70dB ocorrendo a cada 9 minutos.