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TOPIKTest of Proficiency in Korean (language test)
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'Topik, however, is not a guarantee that the worker will get immediate employment in Korea.
"Passing TOPIK, however, is not a guarantee that the worker will get immediate employment in Korea.
Before, prospective students were required to obtain a level three or higher on the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), but this has been lowered to level two.
131) provides a related perspective: "For England, which was politically and militarily the most successful country, the 'virtual monopoly among European powers of overseas colonies,' established during the phase of proto-industrialization, was one of the central preconditions which carried proto-industrialization beyond itself into the Industrial Revolution." Economic historians Pomeranz and Topik (2013, p.
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Tal como nos senalan Pomeranz y Topik, tanto la concepcion del sistema como su funcionamiento estaban mas influidos por cuestiones de cultura, politica y de status que por preocupaciones respecto a formas de maximizar las ganancias:
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