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TOPLASTransactions on Programming Languages and Systems (ACM journal)
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Mr Toplas said: "Under co-investment, a resident owner-occupier and an investment fund jointly own a dwelling.
Borg has served as a reviewer for TOPLAS, TOCS, IEEE TOC, Software Practice and Experience.
Discussions with Robert Harper, John Reppy, Karl Crary, and Stephanie Weirich and careful comments from Haruo Hosoya and the POPL and TOPLAS referees significantly improved the final version.
TOPLAS consistently publishes influential research, technical papers and correspondence relevant to the logic, meaning, correctness and efficiency of programming languages and computing systems.
We have invited the following paper for publication in TOPLAS in order to stimulate discussion of the topic it covers, which is the question of whether a typed specification language is preferable to an untyped one.
[1995] (ACM TOPLAS 17, 4) stands out as an elegant and efficient, generic method which has been claimed to produce locally least-cost repairs for incorrect strings with respect to arbitrary LR grammars.
Alternative instructions on how to obtain online-only appendices are given on the back inside cover of current issues of ACM TOPLAS or on the ACM TOPLAS web page:
Clark and Paul Hudak joined TOPLAS as associate editors.
Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305 415-723-0685 Editor-in-Chief, TOPLAS Susan L.
Ramalingam, Kares Thorne, the PLDI'96 program committee members and reviewers, and the TOPLAS referees for their comments that greatly helped improve our presentation.
We now have transactions on mathematical software (TOMS), database systems (TODS), programming languages and systems (TOPLAS), computer systems (TOCS), graphics (TOG), and office information systems (TOOIS).
14600 Winchester Boulevard Los Gatos, CA 95030 408-378-7000 Editor-in-Chief, TOPLAS Susan L.