TOPMTask Order Project Manager (various companies)
TOPMTheory of Positivist Mechanics (physics)
TOPMTest Operating Procedure and Methodology
TOPMThermal Optical Polarized Microscopy
TOPMTest Officer's Planning Manual
TOPMTrinomial Option Pricing Model (investement prediction tool)
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Regression analysis (stepwise) is used to find out the collective effect of independent variables (quality management practices) on dependent variables (organizational performance).Abbreviations are added for each variable for the convenience of work that are top management (TOPM) employee empowerment (EMP) employee involvement (INV) process orientation (PRO) employee training (ETRN) and teamwork approach (TMW) customer focus (CFOC) continuous improvement (CONT) benchmarking (BNCH).
Six constructs are excluded (TOPM) (EMP) (INV) (PRO) (ETRN) and (TMW) from model due to low and negative coefficients according to regression results.
'I know that from personal experience because when I was on topm that was the case.