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TOPOTri-N-Octylphosphine Oxide
TOPOTrioctyl-Phosphine Oxide
TOPOTorposten (German Military Gate Post)
TOPOTask Order Project Officer (US EPA)
TOPOTunable Optical Parametric Oscillator
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The relationship between expressions of Ki67 and Topo II[alpha] and time to progression (TTP) was analyzed using Kaplan-Meier survival analysis method; survival curve was drawn.
During the inspection of the Topo Chico site, authorities discovered "luxury cells" containing mini-bars, aquariums and saunas.
Tais tecnicas aplicam-se tanto em arvores em pe, destacando-se o anelamento (CALONEGO e SEVERO, 2005; MATOS et al., 2003; SEVERO e TOMASELLI, 2000) e a aplicacao de herbicida (MATOS et al., 2003; ROCHA e TRUGILHO, 2006), como em toras seccionadas, tais como selamento de topo (MATOS et al., 2003) e vaporizacao (CALONEGO e SEVERO, 2005; SEVERO e TOMASELLI, 2000).
The Historical Topo Map section features historical maps that provide a snapshot of the nation's physical and cultural past.
A modified Avrami model was applied to determine the kinetic parameters, which enables to understand how modification of the Ca[F.sub.2] particles with the organophosporous ligand TOPO affects the crystallization behavior of PET.
Using human topo II and a DNA supercoiled form, hirsutanone was found to stabilize topo II-DNA cleavage complexes, acting as a topo II poison.
Topo to Raster interpolation method is specifically designed for the creation of hydrologically correct terrain surfaces.
Os sensores de radiacao solar global (Kipp & Zonen, model CUV3) foram instalados em tres orientacoes diferenciadas: sensor voltado para leste (E), para oeste do dossel (W), ambos a 1,60 m acima do solo, e no topo do dossel vegetativo, sobre as plantas de videira a 3,00 m do solo.