TOPOFFTop Officials (US national-level terrorism exercise)
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'Topoff!' echoed the Mouse, 'it is indeed a wonderful and curious name.
'Topoff! Halfgone!' repeated the Mouse, 'they are such curious names; they make me very thoughtful.'
celebrate the topoff of its Camia Building, Larossa in Capitol Hills project.
Antlion pits are usually made in shaded areas such as under ledges of rock, under logs which do not touch the ground at all points or under man made sources of shade (Turner, 1915; Haub, 1942; Green, 1955; Topoff, 1977).
"TOPOFF 2", Global Security, 13 Temmuz 2011, ops/index_topoff2.htm (Erisim Tarihi 31 Agustos 2011).
The most multifaceted approach--one not attempted by many facilities professionals--involves conducting full-scale exercises similar to what the federal government takes on (TOPOFF exercises).
Due to the area's dense population and many resources, Rutgers was identified as a Point of Dispensing (POD) and played a vital role in the TOPOFF exercise.
The largest exercise with CBSU involvement was TOPOFF 4.
(8.) Henderson DA, Grossman R, O'Toole T A plague on your city: observations from TOPOFF. Clin Infect Dis 2001;32:436-45.
* There was a failure to heed past lessons learned (Hurricane Pam, Hurricane Andrew, and TOPOFF 3 are all mentioned).
government's TOPOFF series of biannual exercises to test its National Response Plan and other preparedness strategies.
In addition, we participated in TOPOFF 3, an international terrorism exercise sponsored by the federal government, held in May 2005.