TOPSCENETactical Operational Scene
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The visible-light MR group viewed the same materials (maps, daylight photos, and written target descriptions) as did observers receiving the basic format, but they also viewed imagery from visible-light simulations (both AFRL and Topscene) of the planned approach to the target.
Topscene. Naval Air Systems PMA-205 Electronic world-wide-Web page [On-line].
This has been demonstrated by several third party companies, most notably by Cambridge Research Associates, Gemini Corp., Autometric Inc., and LMVS (on their TOPSCENE Model 4000).
As mentioned at the beginning of this article, TOPSCENE has been used for many years by Army units to achieve high-end terrain visualization capabilities.
The deployable Topscene is slightly larger than a laptop PC.
As an example of how network-centric warfare works, Burwell cited the Defense Department's Topscene system.
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