TOPSETropospheric Ozone Production about the Spring Equinox
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Parents complete the TOPSE booklet at the first session of a parenting programme and again at the final session.
These results are consistent with those found in previous studies using TOPSE.
Focus group work during the development of TOPSE (17) found that many parents had concerns about child behaviour, boundary setting and discipline, areas that '123 Magic' clearly address.
and Coauthors, 2003: Budget of tropospheric ozone during TOPSE from two chemical transport models.
and Coauthors, 2012: An analysis of fast photochemistry over high northern latitudes during spring and summer using in-situ observations from ARCTAS and TOPSE.
Following this process, if educational institutions and legal bodies assume a function which supports the new social structure and its values, they will be helpful," Topses said in further remarks.