TOPSISTechnique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution
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In this paper, the generalization of TOPSIS for the neutrosophic hypersoft set is proposed.
From the literature survey, it is observed that the Multi-attribute decision-making techniques like TOPSIS have not been implemented to find the optimal setting during Tungsten powder mixed drilling (W-PEDD) of INC718 alloy.
In section 3 we discuss our proposed hybrid selection approach based on AHP method and Grey TOPSIS method.
The objective of our proposed handover scheme is to reduce unnecessary handovers through pre-selection function and utilizing Fuzzy TOPSIS decision algorithm for dynamic access selection.
The TOPSIS method chooses the variant that is closest to the pre-set ideal and at the same time the furthest from the basal variant.
Chen, "Extensions of the TOPSIS for group decision-making under fuzzy environment," Fuzzy Sets and Systems, vol.
This paper studies rural logistics center location selection based on the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy TOPSIS. Based on the existing theories and empirical studies, this paper establishes the evaluation index system of logistics center location standing in the rural demand angle that combines logistics center location of the relevant theories and the characteristics of the rural logistics.
Make the final evaluation with TOPSIS method on the factor comprehensive score [y.sub.t,i] of the object set [S.sub.ti] (i = 1, 2, ..., n; t = 1, 2, ...
In Section 5, we present experimental results and discussion of performance improvement compared with enhanced TOPSIS and FMADM.
This paper proposes Multi-Attribute Intuitionistic Fuzzy Group Decision Method (MAIFGDM) which uses TOPSIS for the selecting the suitable candidate network from available heterogeneous wireless networks.