TOPTTexas Oral Proficiency Test
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Therefore, to know what more thou art than man, Worth naming the Son of God by voice from Heaven, Another method I must now begin." So saying, he caught him up, and, without wing Of hippogrif, bore through the air sublime, Over the wilderness and o'er the plain, Till underneath them fair Jerusalem, The Holy City, lifted high her towers, And higher yet the glorious Temple reared Her pile, far off appearing like a mount Of alablaster, topt with golden spires: There, on the highest pinnacle, he set The Son of God, and added thus in scorn:-- "There stand, if thou wilt stand; to stand upright Will ask thee skill.
WHITE ties, tails and feather dresses at the ready, the award-winning The award-winning TopT Hat is dancing its way onto Tyneside.
Ensure: Optimal local threshold set 8, i = [1, ..., N] and global threshold Topt (1) Training phase (2) for for each node in the cluster do (3) Sampling M times (4) average the samplings to obtain the mean and variance of noise by (4) and 5) (5) end for (6) Compute the local decision threshold [delta] by (18) (7) Compute the local detection probability [p.sub.1i] by (18) (8) Average the pu for computing the mean and variance of pu by (19) (9) Computing global threshold Topt by (23) (10) Detection phase (11) for Each event: detection request is received do (12) retrieve readings from member sensors, {[y.sub.i] | i [member of] [1, ..., N]} (13) report (U = [[summation].sup.N.sub.i=1] [y.sub.i]) [greater than or equal to] [T.sub.opt]?[H.sub.1] : [H.sub.0] (14) end for (15) return 5.
Tmim, Topt and Tmax are the cardinal temperatures (minimum, optimum, and maximum, respectively) for LAR and T is the daily air temperature.
Earth of the mountains misty topt! Earth of the vitreous pour of the full moon, just tinged with blue!
Cardinal temperatures, namely base temperature (Tb 8 oC), optimum temperature (Topt 32 oC), and maximum temperature (Tmax 42 oC) (Agele et al., 2002), were assumed in the calculation of heat unit accumulation measured as growing degree days (GDD) using the equation of McMaster and Wilhelm (1997).
Goldsmith's lines The sheltered cot, the cultivated farm, The never failing brook, the busy mill, The decent church that topt the neighbouring hill, The hawthorn bush, with seats beneath the shade ...
Actually there is an instrument that could bridge TOPT industry and banks namely import financing facility.