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TORANTorque and Drag Analysis (oil industry)
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"I'm highly delighted with the Toran's achievement at the World Yoga Festival and Championship.
Toran learned from the program, saying, "I thought coding was a bunch of numbers with encrypted messages; I had no idea coding is just a set of instructions or directions as to what I want the computer to do."
Envirometal Technologies designed and installed a large EcoJet batch processor to apply our Toran 3 product and enable high throughput capacity.
El presente trabajo de investigacion trata de encontrar las primeras senas de identidad que definen a tres maestros de la fotografia: Juan Julio Baena, Luis Enrique Toran y Luis Cuadrado, precursores de la ensenanza de una fotografia mas realista que rompio con la estetica clasica que se venia realizando en la industria durante el primer franquismo.
LAHORE -- Chairman of a prominent investment group of Turkey, Abdul Kadir Toran, on Sunday met Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif and presented 750 bags of warm clothes for earthquake victims.
THAT'S TORAN IT: Glentoran's Marcus Kane is sent off during defeat
BANNJU -- Unknown person killed an Elite Force personnel and made two others injured in Toran Mameshkhil area the accused person successfully escaped.
As a safety emasure, the groom was forced to wear a helmet instead of a toran," the groom's cousin R.
Kirkuk / NINA / MP, from the Turkmen in Kirkuk province, Hassan Toran called the government to arm all the components at the same level and be given the same attention.
Eventually, circus-type activities began to happen, and the first thing to hold the attention was Lea Toran Jenner, a performer who skillfully circled the stage inside a giant hoop.
As per the tradition of the region in India, there will be a Traditional Tika and Toran Bandhai ceremony, as well as live traditional folk dance performance.
Puede percibirse en la formacion del autor la huella de algunos de sus maestros, como el desaparecido Enrique Toran, director de fotografia.