TORFTeachers' Overseas Recruiting Fair (Canada)
TORFTest of Reading Fluency (oral reading evaluation tool)
TORFTethered Orbital Refueling Facility (NASA)
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The outcome measures were (a) TORF, (b) standard scores from two subtests from the WRMT-R (Word Attack and Passage Comprehension), and (c) composite scores from CTOPP for Phonological Awareness and Rapid Naming.
Although almost all students continued to make some gains when receiving general education only, we were further interested in the number of students who would make minimal progress (defined as averaging an increase on the TORF of one correct word per week) in the general education classroom without supplemental reading instruction.
All four groups of students (early exit, mid exit, late exit, and no exit) more than doubled their performance (based on number of words read correctly in a second-grade-level passage) on the TORF from pretest scores to scores 10 weeks after supplemental instruction.
The mean total gain from the first administration of the TORF (September) to the last administration (May) was 19.
The analysis of the students' reading fluency across all classrooms showed a mean total gain from the first TORF (fall) to the last TORF (spring) of 19.