TORQTrades, Orders, Reports and Quotes
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According to its makers Epic EV, the TORQ Roadster is the world's fastest three-wheel electric vehicle and can generate more G-force in a corner than a Ferrari.
A mean green machine, the TORQ Roadster packs in 0-60mph acceleration in four seconds, One G of lateral force when cornering, and doesn't require a drop of gas.
Its makers, California-based Epic EV, claim that the point of the TORQ is to show consumers that an electric vehicle doesn't have to compromise on performance and handling in order to be environmentally friendly or energy efficient.
The TORQ database provides data that permit us to examine for the first time whether the short-term dividend-trading volume observed by Lakonishok and Vermaelen (1986) and Michaely and Vila (1996) is driven by taxable corporations or securities dealers.
Data for this paper come from the TORQ database distributed by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
For each ex-dividend observation, we extract from the TORQ database the entire audit file.
Throughout the remainder of the paper, we refer to the TORQ account types by their descriptions as related to dividend trading.
Table 2 also reports the proportion of normal buy and sell volume on the TORQ database attributable to the three account types on which we focus.
The second set is the TORQ data for 144 NYSE firms for November 1990 through January 1991, when the regular-way settlement period was five days.
This section of the paper reports the results of the empirical tests based on the TORQ data for 144 NYSE-listed firms for the period November 1990 through January 1991.
Frequency of Nonstandard-Settlement Trades and Orders in TORQ Database
Table 7 displays summary statistics on the orders and trades contained in the TORQ database.