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TORUTelerobotically Operated Rendezvous Unit
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The official at Toru police station said that the residents of the area informed the officials of Toru police station about the presence of the body at the Kalphani (Water channel) at Sera Koroona at Toru village.
Speaking on the occasion Ihtisham Toru, the belated cultural policy draft should be implemented in its true letter and spirit.
Speaking on the occasion Ihtisham Toru said that the cultural policy draft should be implemented in its true letter and spirit.
Ms Toru said that the provincial government had taken steps for protection of rights of women.
Dr Benoit Goossens from Cardiff University's School of Biosciences said: "The Batang Toru populations of orangutans in Sumatra were only rediscovered fairly recently in 1997.
On comparing the skull and dental characteristics of the Batang Toru species to those of 33 other adult male orangutans of a similar developmental state, they found "unique" structural differences.
The oldest evolutionary line in the genus Pongo is actually found in Batang Toru orangutans, which appear to be direct descendants of the first Sumatran population in the Sunda archipelago.
Toru Maki joined Fujitsu in 1982 and held various positions in finance and administration as well as management positions in the company's document scanner business.
In his brief address, on the occasion, Ihtisham Toru said that CJF would continue to work for the welfare of the artists.
The company added the procedures were performed by Dr Toru Kuratani, chairman of the Department of Minimally Invasive Cardiovascular Medicine at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine under Japan's "compassionate use" system, which grants access to physicians for use of medical treatments not yet approved in Japan for patients who are diagnosed with advanced diseases that are not responsive to existing treatment options.
Therefore, locals are able to pray without any problem," Toru stated.
Others who earned tour cards: Lee Seongki, KOR (74293), Yuta Sudo, JPN (72295), Kim Taewoo (a), KOR (74296), Park Junyeok, KOR (69297), Park Gyuha, KOR (75298),Kim Sungwook, KOR (73298), Toru Morita, JPN (76298), Kim JungHun, KOR, Jung Yongjun, KOR; Jung Hoeyeop (a), KOR; Kim Changhoi, KOR; Lee Hyunwoo, KOR; Min Geongchan, KOR; Lee Sangun, KOR; Kim Minsu, KOR; Yuki Kishida, JPN (75308).