TOSAPTo Serve and Protect
TOSAPTassa Occupazione Suolo Aree Pubbliche (Italian tax on public ground and space occupation)
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Usa p / c municipality of morrovalle: organized and management support service to the tax office for the in-house management of ordinary and compulsory collection and for recovery, evasion / evasion imu, tasi, tari, tosap
d) TOSAP (employment tax of public spaces and areas)
Contract notice: Open procedure for the award of the assessment service, settlement and spontaneous collection and coercive imu, tari, tasi and advertising tax and bill-posting and tosap.
- Tourist Occupation Spaces and Public Areas (TOSAP)
The concessions are awarded for the detection, assessment and collection, ordinary, extraordinary and coercive, of Tax Municipal only (IUC: IMU, TASI, TARI), Town of Tax property taxes (ICI), the Tax on Municipal Solid Waste (TARSU), the municipal levy on waste and services (TARES), town of tax on advertising (ICP), the rights on Public Affissioni (DPA), including the material Display poster, the fee for the occupation of spaces and Public areas (TOSAP), as well as the care of the tax dispute, and anything else specified in the CSA.
147/2013, as well as the compulsory collection of tax revenues, with the exception of Tax on advertising and TOSAP,in the manner described in Section II of the specifications.
Procurement procedure for the award of the management of services consisting in the support activities for the spontaneous recovery and assessment of taxes~ ICI, IMU, TASI, TARSU, TARES, TARI, ICP, DPA, TOSAP, votive lights, the stands revenues the daily market or any tribute was to be introduced to replace those currently in force on the basis of future regulatory provisions "as well as the compulsory recovery of infrastructure costs.
Contract notice: Reliance support service office duties for the management services of front office and back office of the following duties: tari, ici / imu, tasi, tosap, advertising and public bill with clause sociale.cig: 65235446ce.
The contract has as its object the concession of back - office and front - office for the management and collection, ordinary and compulsory, the following municipal revenue Management and collection of ordinary, detection and coercive - IMU - TASI - TARI (for the ordinary support activities including back-office and front-office);- Local property tax (ICI);- Tourist municipal solid waste (TARSU)- Local Advertising Tax (ICP) and the Public Rights Affissioni (DPA);- Tourist Occupation Spaces and Public Areas (TOSAP);- Income from municipal water supply;Management and collection enforcement - Administrative sanctions violation rules of the road.