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TOSCOThe Oil Shale Company
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Electing to field first, TOSCO XI bowlers restricted Star Lights to 27 runs in the alloted six overs.
The racecourse vet Simon Papworth and his driver David Crouch reported Flood to the stewards, having seen him appear to strike Tosco on the tail with the lead rein when he was reluctant to step out on to the course.
At the same time, Tosco are believed to be planning moves into the Irish electricity and natural gas markets.
In return, Tosco - which has a chequered safety history at one its plants in the US - will get most of the company's assets, including the refinery and a storage facility in Bantry.
In August 1999, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health fined Tosco $810,750 for 33 alleged violations of workplace safety rules related to the accident, accusing it of willful negligence.
In 1995, Tosco raised the ante by acquiring the convenience store chain Circle K.
When Marks joined Tosco in 1990, the audit committee's chairman said to him, "I've got about $6 million worth of stock in this company.
Since both the SMATA and Luz y Fuerza headquarters lay within the occupied zone, Tosco and Torres initially attempted to establish some degree of organization over the protest.
Cushman & Wakefield officials said the benefits of the merger were evident during a recent transaction when the firms secured an assignment of 167,000 SF of Class A space under construction in Tempe, Arizona for Tosco Marketing Company.