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TOSHITarget-Organ-Specific Hazard Index
TOSHITunisian Occupational Safety and Health Institute
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Taiga, Syo and Toshi spent four days in the studio with Center students, instructors and resident artists.
Iri y Toshi Maruki se regresaron a Tokio a principios de septiembre profundamente trastornados e intuyendo que su vida y su obra nunca iban a volver a ser lo que habian sido antes de su estancia en Hiroshima.
Mansourian also said the open kitchen style will help towards repositioning Toshi as "the most sought-after dining destination".
Though Toshi has got a bunch of good companions who never make fun of him, still at a certain juncture he heavy heartedly explains what all indignities and mocking he has to bear in daily life.
A well-trained Toshi has since appeared on ''Law and Order: SVU,'' the final episode of ''30 Rock'' and in a New York Yankees commercial for MasterCard.
To finish off our cooking class series, we headed to the Toshi restaurant at the Grand Millennium Al Wahda in Abu Dhabi.
Way too much miso and not enough water, made me skip the soup and move on to my starters instead: the cleverly presented Toshi Signature Sushi dish, the Caterpillar, while my partner dug into the Toshi Chef's Special: a mix of six sushi, nine sashimi and four maki rolls.
Bouchel added 53 points to take his total to 226 to lead the class ahead of Japan's Toshi Ohara (182) and Mohammad Mohsin Ali of the UAE (139).
From left: Robert Toshi Chan and the Flatiron Hotel and Carlos Couturier,
Milch Steele of Stone Toshi Ishii, a former Stone intern and owner of Ishii Brewing Co.
Turns out that my old beau Vijjy's friend has messaged me to say that composer-singer Toshi has gifted his brother Sharib a chopper bike that costs about R 15 lakh for his birthday.
Outgoing Lion President Ken Tong; Lion Anna Onabolu; District Governor Lion Femi Onabolu and Incoming Lion President Louis Wo John and Rebecca Gilligan, Mu and Nigel Bishop Lion Toshi Bansal; Handsworth President Hadev Bansal and Mary Louey Past District Governor Alan James; Lion Ann Jackson and Lion David Cox Host Lion Jeffrey Yap, Christine and Ed Doolan, Sharon Yap