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TOSL Engineering Limited, was founded in 1979, and commenced operations in March 1982.
18 June 2010 - Caribbean rating service CariCRIS said earlier this week it has affirmed its CariA+ foreign-currency and local-currency regional-scale ratings on the USD10m (EUR8m) debt of Trinidadian-owned engineering services provider TOSL Engineering Ltd.
Therefore, determination actually requires one measurement fewer than with the TOSL calibration previously described.
From Equations 5 to 17 (a total of 13, with one of them being redundant for the same reason that applies to TOSL calibration), 10 parameters of the model are determined, together with the reflection coefficient [[Gamma].sub.R], and the transmission parameter of the calibration line.
As in TOSL calibration, the length of the calibration line must not be close to an integer multiple of the half-wavelength.
In the vicinity of 0, 5, 10 and 15 MHz (multiples of the half-wavelength of the calibration line), measurements cannot be performed by TOSL and TKRL calibrations, and therefore are missing.